In the vibrant state of Rajasthan, 55 kms south west of Jodhpur City, there exists a sand dune called “Mali Nathji ka Dhora”, dedicated to the Warrior God. Mihir Garh is perched dramatically upon this mound enriched by history and mythology and beautified by nature. The fort acts as an amphitheatre to the splendour of this land.

Getting there

Mihir Garh is easily accessible by both air and station. From either, the fort is about an hour’s drive through scenic countryside.

- Distance from Jodhpur Airport: Approximately 60 kms
- Distance from Jodhpur Railway Station: Approximately 55 kms.

Mihir Garh happens to be located just16 kms away from its sister property: Rohet Garh. Guests are advised to arrive at Rohet Garh so they can be escorted to Mihir Garh from there.

Distance to Mihir Garh from other important cities of Rajasthan:

- Approximately 345 kms from Jaipur
- Approximately 255 kms from Udaipur
- Approximately 320 kms from Jaisalmer


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