Equestrian Program

The equestrian program at Mihir Garh is among the finest in the country. The best specimens of the Marwari breed of horses will give you a sense of sheer strength and freedom, as you ride across the vast, virgin wilderness. Mihir Garh will mesmerize the nature lovers with its variety of wild life and multihued birds. One may also have the pleasure of sighting the rare and beautiful Antelope of India: the Black Buck. The itinerary can be personalized to gift you an unparalleled riding experience in this majestic land of sands and sunsets. From the popular sunrise or sunset rides, to full day rides with overnight in a luxury mobile camp, with attached bathroom – running water and flush toilets ! Further, there is the extensive three and four day riding itinerary with overnights in Mobile camps and Heritage properties like Rohet Garh and Fort Chanwa. All our rides are designed such that you derive maximum pleasure of riding some of the finest horses of the ‘Marwari ‘breed, and experience and enjoy the rich culture of the land.