Eco Policy

At Mihir Garh we are conscious of our ecological responsibilities and the Fort, or the various activities for the guests, in no way encroaches upon the beauty of this virgin land. It complements it.

Here are a few policies we have adopted:

The very look of the Fort has been designed and conceived using as much of natural materials as possible. Use of chemical was avoided at several stages to keep the look, and feel of the fort as close to Rural Rajasthan as possible.

Every single drop of rainwater that falls upon the Fort is collected in a massive cistern and filtered using ago old techniques. Traditionally, this process of rain water harvesting not only minimized water wastage, but also, provided pure water which was good enough to drink, for the entire year.

We have an advanced system of sewage treatment at Mihir Garh through which drainage water has been re-cycled and put to effective use.

We make use of solar heating to provide warm/hot water to the guests so that use of electricity for heating purposes is curtailed.

And finally, the land around Mihir Garh has been left to nature so that local indigenous flora can thrive, and subsequently attract fauna around it as well. We take great care while organizing all our outdoor activities like Royal picnics, Shikar dinners and Mobile Camps, to ensure that we do not disturb or pollute the nature in any way. Our policy at Mihir Garh… from the great outdoors…take back only pictures, and leave behind only foot prints!

At Mihir Garh, we are aware of this Truth: Earth does not belong to man; instead, man belongs to Earth. We are doing all that we can, to minimize our carbon footprint.

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